YouTube - Learning to Love Again

You love YouTube.  It has tons of videos, many by some of the greatest educators in your field. 

Yet you also hate YouTube because it’s rife with inappropriate comments and disruptive ads. 

Most people have decided the good isn’t worth the bad and have abandoned YouTube for smaller waters with mediocre content in order to avoid exposing their students to material out of their control.

Well, it’s time to learn to love YouTube again!  There are free tools that will allow you to flip that classroom like you always dreamed and get only the rich educational content you want. Try one of these:
Find a [YouTube] video and use only what you need. Get right to the point. Insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice.  Add questions at any point in the video and track your students' understanding.
A nicer way to share YouTube videos!  Great for education.  No sign-up or registration required...takes only seconds!  Enter any YouTube video URL.  Select a background type.  You’re done!
Weavly EDU is an easy to use and free video and music mixing web app designed for classroom use. Weavly EDU runs directly in the browser with media content that is already online [like YouTube], no downloads or uploads necessary


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