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What Kind of Librarian Are You?

In my almost ten years as a librarian, I have had the opportunity to work in different kinds of librarianship.  I was a school library media specialist for six years, seven if you include my field experience.  I was also an academic librarian and professor for two years.  Now I am a public librarian in adult services.  I think many of us stumbled along before we happily landed where we are.  Less of a calling and more of an arriving.  You don't need to KNOW where you are going, but you do need to know who you are.  Here is what I have learned along the way for those of you who are still trying to figure out... WHAT KIND OF LIBRARIAN ARE YOU? Elementary School Media Librarianship I began as a school library media specialist for many reasons, but I mainly got the cert because I wanted to be as marketable as possible.  I entered librarianship later in life.  I was married with a kid and dogs and a mortgage and car payments.  I needed a job after graduation as soon as p