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Just Be Yourself

I got a second interview!  This means that I already had the first interview and was called back for a second. Obviously this is a huge pat on the back to my ego.  I'm beginning to realize that, in today's world, there's a difference between "I got a job" and "I got a job during A RECESSION!"  In a recent article I read entitled, Potential Reasons Why You're Not Getting Hired I learned that "there is about a 6:1 ratio of job applicants for each available position".  This presumably means that for every job out there there are at least 6 people going for it. Frankly, I find this number to be surprisingly low.  I keep hearing true stories of positions where employers get applicants in the hundreds.  I myself experienced it while I was working at The American Boychoir School.  I was going out on maternity leave and needed to hire my own replacement.  The position was for the Executive Assistant to the President and I had 92 people appl