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Why Our Students Plagiarize: An Observation of Modern Research Techniques

In my opinion, the modern problem of plagiarism stems from our shift - as learners - who used to assimilate information from codices (traditional bound paper books) and now do so from digital content.   When you have a codex (a paper book), and you're researching, you're not going to copy all of the information.  That's ludicrous!  It would take way too much time.  So, instead, you take the time to understand it and jot down only what's important.  You write down a few quotes, because your teacher said you had to have them, and the rest is in your own words.  That's the reality of what's going on behind the average student's research motivations; the path of least resistance. However, with digital content, the student can grab and go.  They can copy, paste, and then worry about UNDERSTANDING later.  This causes multiple challenges: First, is that the student with digital content has WAY more information than we were used to parsing through when we were the