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Disaster Resources for Adults

I have been posting to my facebook and Google+ pages the road closings that are happening in and around my area.  Some have asked where I'm getting this information, so here it is.  This is how I stay informed when disasters strike.

Hurricane Resources for Children

My daughter turned three yesterday.  Originally, we had arranged to throw her a birthday party which was cancelled thanks to Hurricane Irene.  Not only did I have to explain to a three-year-old that her party was cancelled, but that it was due to a storm, specifically a hurricane. To help her grasp these concepts, I used the following resources, which may be useful for your children or to use with your students next week.

I got a job!

I did it!  It finally happened!  I got a job. I am officially a librarian.  *whew* So how did I get a job?  Why was I able to get a job when there are so many librarians struggling; librarians with a lot more experience than me?  Well, let's look at the numbers. I keep a spreadsheet for job hunting.   I know - how very "librarian" of me - but that's how I keep track of everything.  I jot down where I found the job, the link to the description, the title, when I applied, and any responses (if any) I receive. My job hunt began in 2008.  Yup.  I've been applying to jobs since 2008.  I started my MLIS in 2007, so it isn't surprising that I never got a job back then, I suppose.  I not only had zero experience, I also didn't even have a degree.  But I tried nonetheless, hoping against insanity that someone would hire me anyway. I guess I figured I had nothing to lose.

Your Library's Theme Song

I have no idea where I got this idea or from whence it sprang, but I was thinking, "If I had a library, what would its theme song be?" Several ideas came to mind, but these are my favorites.  Enjoy and please let me know what you think your library's theme song should be!