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What NOT to Wear on an Interview

In my previous post, I mentioned how I'd been rejected from the latest school with whom I interviewed.  It was a tough blow, but there's nothing like a new interview to make you feel hopeful again! So, I'm back on the horse and getting ready to interview tomorrow. While going through my mental checklist of the things I need to get ready for the interview, I bumped into this picture.  If you read through the presented checklist, you will recognize the rules that were always given to us on how to be a respectable interviewer.  I have to say that I disagree with most of them, and I wanted your thoughts on it.

Moving On

I didn't get the job.  I made it to top three, for which I am extremely happy since it was a library directorship.  But still, it can't help but sting a little. At least I received the nicest "rejection letter".  They said that I was an amazing candidate and that they wish they could have given all three of us jobs, but in the end, they had to pick one.  I'll never really know why I wasn't the one they chose.  I'm guessing it was my lack of experience.  Or maybe my enthusiasm and "young exuberance" scared them.  Change can be terrifying for a school.  Either way, I'll never know.  So the question that remains then is, "How do you move on from a job rejection?"