Disaster Resources for Adults

I have been posting to my facebook and Google+ pages the road closings that are happening in and around my area.  Some have asked where I'm getting this information, so here it is.  This is how I stay informed when disasters strike.

First, I signed up for email notifications through my county's website.  Mine happens to be Somerset County, but you can easily Google your own county and see if they offer the same service.  This has been immensely helpful as I have received a flurry of emails throughout the night for road closings.

Next, I went to Nixle.  Nixle gives you free secure alerts from your local police and 4,600 other public safety agencies.  It's fantastic!  You can ask to be notified for multiple locations, for example where you live, where you work, and where loved ones live.  And the best part is that you can arrange to have it texted directly to your phone.  How convenient is that!

If you know of any other resources to help people stay informed, please comment away!

Stay safe.


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