Waiting by the Phone

Even though "waiting by the phone" just means paying attention more than usual to your cell for a day, it can still be excruciating waiting for the phone to ring when it comes to job hunting.  ESPECIALLY for a job you really want!

This is my unfortunate excuse for not having posted the last few days.  I had a big job interview on Tuesday and I've been waiting for a phone call.

They said they would get back to me by the end of the week, so I have no license for worry, but we all know we can't help it.  Whether we've just applied for a job, or just interviewed for one, some things don't change.  It's still a heart-pumping experience waiting for that call.

Another reason I haven't posted is what I'm starting to call BSD or Blog Self Doubt.  When you start a blog, you do so jazzed about the opinions you have and the things you want to say.  You post with abandon, eager for the comments of like-minded souls in the blogosphere.  But let's not forget that the reason why some of us started blogging was to land a job.  Which means those potential employers could be reading your blog right now.  Eeeek!

We all have good days and bad days.  Some days we wax poetic and our blog metrics show it with tons of comments and reposts.  We say everything just right and show glints of the intelligent, dynamic people we are.  Other days we have the writing equivalent of a bad hair day and our posts just sound like whining and complaining.

This inevitably leads to BSD.  Our blogs start fearless and strong; chock full of well-written portentous ideas.  But then we start second-guessing ourselves.  What if we say something our future employer doesn't like?  What if we could have had the job, but now they've looked at your blog and they think you're a self-absorbed over-opinionated over-bearing techie with too much time on your hands?

Ok, so that's extreme, but sometimes those gremlins I spoke about before can be really nasty.  In a perfect world, we want the "perfect post" to always be on top - the post that somehow shows how you're the perfect person for every perfect job and magically makes them run to the phone to call you.

Obviously, this is all ridiculous, but it's exactly what we're all thinking and hoping right?  I myself have been the "evil hirer," screening resumes and scheduling interviews.  There's a reason why it takes forever.  In fact the Evil HR Lady, a great blog I recommend to anyone who is in the job hunt, just wrote a great article entitled Why is the Hiring Process So Slow?  I know in my head it takes time, but my heart is still pounding.

Who knows?  Maybe they're reading this post right now and my ability to laugh at myself and demonstrated interest in the position just landed me the job.  I should hopefully know by the end of today.  So I'll let you know.  Wish me luck!


  1. I've been thinking of you today. Wondering if you got the call yet. So, I guess I've been waiting by the computer watching for facebook updates. :)

    They'd be lucky to have you, but so would any library. Don't fret, it'll happen.

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