Job Hunting Tips

Neither you nor I are 100% sure that you should be taking job hunting tips from someone who hasn't even landed a job yet, but, I figured, why not?  If nothing more, maybe I'll mention something that you haven't tried yet or hadn't heard of, and it'll help.  Or you'll just shake your head sadly at my blunders and maybe I'll learn something new.  A win-win scenario if you ask me.

So, I'm just going to stream of consciousness rant here on everything that I've done or am doing to make myself awesome.  Be warned, that my personal job hunt revolves around New Jersey and public or school librarianship, so some of these may be too specific for you.

  • AASL Blog RSS Feed
  • Electronics and Gadgets - Gadgetwise Blog - NY Times RSS Feed
  • Lifehacker RSS Feed
  • The Unquiet Librarian RSS Feed
  • 8bit Library RSS Feed
  • Free Technology for Teachers RSS Feed
  • Moving at the Speed of Creativity RSS Feed
  • Teach 42 RSS Feed
  • The Innovative Educator RSS Feed
  • EngLib RSS Feed
  • Gaming in Libraries RSS Feed
  • Teachers Using Games - Board Game Geek RSS Feed
  • LM_NET Automatic Digest Email Listserv
  • School Library Journal
  • ALA Magazine
  • NEA Today Magazine
This looks like a lot, but it really isn't, and I know that I'm missing some.  Most of these sites I have set to automatically email me if something of interest comes up, or I just check them every few days or so.  For those of you with smartphones, it's great to bookmark the job hunting sites and then check them as part of your normal morning routine right on your phone.  

As for the techno babble side of things, none of that is as hard as it seems.  Ok, granted, I tend to code all of my sites and things by hand, but you don't have to!  There are plenty of places online to make a website fast, easy, and FREE!  

I hope the above list helps someone.  If you need help, or have any questions, let me know!  That's why I want to be a librarian right?  To help people!


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